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Link Partner Program
Earn 10% to 15% commission for sales resulting from a referral to our site!
Who can participate?
  Anyone. Just sign up and add the link we give you to your web site or e-mails.
How does it work?
  When you sign up, you choose a unique Partner ID. When a customer visits our site from a link that includes this ID, the visitor is recorded as being referred by you. When the visitor makes a purchase, even months later, we send you a percentage of the sale!
How can you tell if a returning visitor was referred by me?
  We place a cookie on the visitor's computer. When the visitor returns, we know that the referral came from you.
Is there a way for me to know if a referral I've made has resulted in a sale?
  Yes, you can know immediately. On your activity page, which you access with your Partner ID and a password, you can see if a referral has visited our site, when the last visit was, if our software was downloaded and if a sale has been completed.
How do I get paid?
  We mail you a check within 30 days after the end of the month that a sale was completed.
Do I get paid if the customer buys additional products or upgrades later?
  Yes. You get paid a commission for every software sale up to 4 months after the initial visit.
How much do I get?
  That depends on what the customer buys. Initially you will receive 10% of the total software sale.
How do I get the 15% commission?
  After you have shown that you can generate sales, you can apply for the 15% commission rate. We consider a variety of factors. Specifically, we are looking for web sites that display our link in a prominent place.
Do I get paid for click thrus?
  No. We pay only for referrals that result in a sale. Keep in mind, however, that the sale can happen months after the initial visit and you still get paid.
How do I start?
  Sign up by clicking the Sign Up Now button below. After reviewing our terms and conditions, complete the form. Your Link Partner account will be active immediately!
Where can I put the links?
  Anywhere you can. A web site hyperlink, a graphic. You can even add the link to an e-mail and send it to your contacts.
I still have some questions. Who do I contact?
  Address your inquiry to

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