About Manedge Software

A Brief History
The application that is now known as Carmen Documents began in 1983 as an in-house document management program for an aviation products company. At the time, no commercially available applications of this type existed. In fact, the new IBM PC had just entered the market.

As the requirements of the company and capabilities of desktop computers grew, so did Carmen. In 1988 it was completely rewritten and then rewritten again in 1993 for the Windows™ operating system.

Manedge Software was formed in 1999 to develop and market the software for commercial distribution. Again, the software was completely rewritten; this time leveraging the power of Microsoft’s™ Access database system.

Manedge began selling Carmen Documents in April of 2001. Custom versions of the program are sold under different names throughout the world. The name “Carmen” is an acronym for “Computer Aided Research, Manufacturing and Engineering Network”.

Manedge Software is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas.
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