Tips, Hints and Troubleshooting

Performance Problems With Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect

Applies to:
 Microsoft Access, All versions
Carmen Documents, All versions
 Carmen runs very slowly when Nortion AntiVirus is running with Auto-Protect enabled and the Carmen database is located on a file-server. This problem will effect any Microsoft Access application running over a network.
 Norton attempts to scan the Carmen application every time it changes. Since the Carmen application file is constantly changing Norton is constantly scanning it. This activity will cause Carmen to run extremely slowly. The problem is not caused by Carmen or by Microsoft Access.
 To prevent this behaviour, you can:

  • Disable Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect during Carmen sessions. This will not disable e-mail scanning if you have this enabled.
  • Disable Norton's plug-in for Microsoft Office. For more information about this, see the Symantec article: How to enable and disable the Norton AntiVirus plug-in for Microsoft Office